About Your Coach: Ed Malley

Ohlone Bluff Trail
Wilder Ranch State Park
Santa Cruz, CA

Like any good story there was a woman involved. It was in 1998, not long after we’d met, that she asked me if I wanted to sign up for a duathlon she was in; I, being male, said “Sure! Piece o’ cake!”. And though I finished last in the bike and second to last in the run, I was hooked. Then finding the amazing trails of the Santa Cruz mountains and the wonderful beaches along the shores of Monterey Bay made the transition to being a runner not so surprising as one might think.

Since then I’ve run all the distances up to marathon, but mostly just enjoy running with friends or alone, especially in Nisene Marks Park in Aptos, CA, where I live.

However, I was getting rather frustrated because injuries were keeping me from running in more than half the events I’d sign up for. Fortunately, I came across ChiRunning about the time I became a coach for a training program sponsored by a local running store. These runners—myself included—became my laboratory where I became familiar with ChiRunning and all its benefits.

Now I am a certified Master Instructor of ChiRunning and ChiWalking and teach in small workshops and private sessions.

I have two grown children both of whom became runners in the last few years. I also do a bit of photography, am always up for a trip, and lean towards blues, blue grass, classical, and rock. And though my friend’s knees won’t allow her to run any more, I can usually persuade her to be my pit crew at the races I enter, none of which have I missed due to injury since adopting the ChiRunning method.

Santa Cruz Island
Channel Islands National Park


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