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June 2011
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Oprah was wrong.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” —  Oprah Winfrey.

1994 Marine Corps Marathon. Time: 4:29:20. (Average was 4:44)

Nope. Sorry Oprah. Quite the opposite. We get so much more than we put in.

Of course, the marvelous Ms. Winfrey was referring to the valid idea that you can’t miss workouts, shun a reasonable diet, or make light of your competitors, whether they be other runners or your own demons, and expect to accomplish your goals. Fair enough. Yet, there are so many other payoffs to the runner or walker that far exceed the input!

What’s cool is the input is all about short-term effort while the benefits can be immediate or stretch beyond imagination.

How about hill or stair repeats? Brutal short-term; HUGE payoff. The trick is all mental…If you welcome them in your workouts, they will be your fast friends in the race!!

How about those Long, Slow, Distance runs on weekend mornings? The only effort is getting out the door…Then it’s dear friends, sweet air, and salty sweat. Trees blossoming, birds courting, and kids on bikes.  A stronger heart, more powerful lungs, and a true quality of life. Plus a sense of accomplishment that lasts the day long. And as for all those who didn’t even try to get out the door? Well, if one can be graciously smug, that’s me. And if “gracious” and “smug” are mutually exclusive?……I’m going with smug.

See you out there.